Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mojave Experiment

This is yet another fascinating site which i discovered as i was browsing.. Wats so fascinating about it is the 3 D video cloud. Wondering wat it is??? Its nothing but a cluster of video in a 3 dimensional view. Well wat are the requirments your browser should have to view the site? Yes since its "Microsoft" you need a silverlight plugin installed in ur browser. Although the the same thing can be achieved in Flash:-).. Don worry just go to the site, if you don have silverlight plugin installed it will guide you to install.

The Mojave Experiment is an advertising campaign by Microsoft for the Windows Vista Operating System. The participants in the experiment were asked about their perceptions of Windows Vista (having never used it) and then were shown a ten minute demo of Microsoft's "next OS", codenamed "Mojave". After the experiment was over, it was revealed that "Mojave" was actually Windows Vista. Before the session, the average rating of Vista was 4.4 out of 10; after the session the average rating for the "Mojave" OS was 8.5 out of 10. The official goal of the Mojave Experiment is to get consumers to "decide for themselves" rather than accept the commonly held negative perceptions of Windows Vista, providing links to product demo videos and other product advertising. Microsoft says that it is slowly adding more video content to the Mojave Experiment website.

Source: Wikipedia