Friday, July 17, 2009

Enable Root Login in Ubuntu

Everytime i had to install any application in Ubuntu, i had to use sudo as a prefix. Recently i had installed a program which wass installed in the usr directory. Everytime i had to run the program, it was asking me for a super user priviledge. This was totally annoying me.By default when you install ubuntu, the root login is disabled by default. Follow the below steps and enable root login for ubuntu.

To enable root login:
1)Go to System->Administration->User and Groups
2)Click on Unlock and enter the password which you had given during installation
3)Select the root profile and click on properties, and set a password.
4)One last thing, after doing the above steps go to System->Administration->Login Window
5)Click on the security tab and click tick the checkbox which says "Enable System Administrator Login"

After doing the above steps, Logout and login as root.

PS: Be very careful when you are in the root profile coz you have access to everything. Any small mistake might crash your system.