Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The command line way of browsing

One of the best things in Linux I like is the command line way of doing things. Well now I can do almost all my work from the terminal and the latest being browsing and chatting. The only thing I cannot do is viewing images and watching videos which soon might be possible:-).
So how do I browse from my terminal??? I thought was it possible? I have realised lately there's help for everything and anything on Linux. After doing a small research I found out this cute command line app called "Elinks"(command line browser)

Ever wondered how fast the browser Elinks is ??? No pop ups, no images, but absoultely cool plain test views,option to see images using eog(Eye Of Gnome) , tabbed browsing, history, bookmarks, history : everything one might need in a modern day browser. It doesn't crash , doesn't require any extra plugins for working. Actually above anything else its the speed of browsing is what that beats me ! Brilliant! Don know what adjective would describe the power of elinks. Check out the google page opened on elinks.
Accessing my Gmail account is fun in elinks. So damn fast!!
"finch" is a command line chat client which is the same as pigdin.:-)

elinks can be installed on your ubuntu as follows:
#pradeep@pradeep-laptop: sudo apt-get install elinks

PS: I agree that GUI way of doing things is friendly,easy and all. But after a few tries the command liners are easy to use , more productive and damn cool!!!

Always try and do things differently:-);-)