Thursday, May 28, 2009

show RSS- download ur favourite Tv Shows

I had written a post on feed my torrents which kept track of the latest tv show torents and you could retrieve with your RSS reader. Unfortunately feed my torents is no longer working. Well no worries i found yet another one which performs the same task as feed my torrents. Its called the show RSS.

showRSS is a web service that allows you to keep track of your favorite TV shows from a website or from a RSS reader. After registering (and logging in!), you'll have to select what are the TV shows that you want to track and then you'll just have to subscribe to your feed with any RSS reader (Google Reader, your browser...) or even with your torrent client (for example, Āµtorrent supports RSS feeds for automatic downloads). You can also browse latest torrents for your TV shows from this website, instead of using the RSS feed, or you can use both as well.