Thursday, May 28, 2009

Torrent2exe- convert ur torrent to an exe file and download

This one's a Beauty!!! True beauty. Have you ever wondered of converting ur torrent files to an exe file!! Yes it's possible and this wonderful site does it.

Well why convert a torrent file to an exe file??

One reason is because i use a usb modem for browsing, and if i download using bit-torrent or any other torrent client i hardly get a speed of 5 kbps.After converting it to an exe file and started the download i got a pretty good speed of 50 kbps and more depending on the seeds.

Second reason, you’ll find it hard to believe but there are a great number of people who are still not familiar with the whole concept of using and downloading with torrents. This popular file-sharing method has been around for sometime but I still get a lot of questions such as: “What now? I downloaded the torrent but nothing is happening.” I assume it’s because of the fact that downloading files via torrent is not as straightforward as downloading files directly from the server or from the web.Using this service, users can download files with the torrent protocol without the need to install a torrent client.

Well its very use to use. Go to the website torrent2exe, paste the link of the torrent or upload the torrent file already there on your computer and convert it to an exe file. Then download the exe file which is hardly 500kb. Double click on the exe file to start the download. You can also resume and pause the downlaod. No torrent clients required at all!! Isn't this cool!!Post in your comments and let me know about ur experience with this.