Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data structures

This is for all the programming freaks.This is one cool site which contains all available algorithms and data structures. All of these are sorted out in a alphabetical order and hence the name. For example if you search for insertion sort a description of it is as shown below:

insertion sort


Definition: Sort by repeatedly taking the next item and inserting it into the final data structure in its proper order with respect to items already inserted. Run time is O(n2) because of moves.

Also known as linear insertion sort.

Generalization (I am a kind of ...)


Specialization (... is a kind of me.)

binary insertion sort

The Link is: www.nist.gov/dads/


swathi b.p. said...

this is very interesting site..
very informative and useful..
thank you..

Sahithya said...

Hey thanks for this link and interesting blog btw! :)

Pradeep Nayak said...

Thanks for the comment