Thursday, January 29, 2009

Search people

There are various reasons why you might need to search for people, you may need to find a lost relative, an old flame, a classmate or a business contact - but if you are using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to search for people, you have probably realized by now that it might work in some cases but in most cases it won't.

How come the best search engines fail so miserably when it comes to people search? The answer lies in a little known but very important part of the web called "deep web".
Also known as "invisible web", the term "deep web" refers to a vast repository of underlying content, such as documents in online databases that general-purpose web crawlers cannot reach. 
Pipl's query-engine helps you find deep web pages that cannot be found on regular search engines.

This is actually a cool idea.. who knows one day you might need this to search your old crush:-) or ur best friend who knows:-)