Monday, January 12, 2009

Human Networking

I was just watching news the other day and there was a debate about what will be the technological trend of the year 2009. And there was this one person who mentioned Human Networking. I was like wat Human Networking???? I have heard of social networking but what is human networking? I wanted to what it is and I immediately googled it and was amazed to know what human networking is.

Human networking is one of the innovative solutions by Cisco Systems,Inc. The human network is generally regarded as a social structure composed of individuals, business partners, friends or other organizations connected through technology, using devices such as PCs, cell phones, PDAs and digital TVs. The human network connects to people in a variety of ways, whether via emotional, cultural, ideological, familial or behavioral ties.
There are different things possible with human networking. You can use your mobile phones to fix your scooter. A video changes everything. This networking technology brings countries, people and culture closer together. It also enforces the "the travel less principle" by means of "Telepresence". TelePresence helps these busy executives meet face to face, without traveling place to place. An Italian businessman travels from New York to China without leaving his neighborhood. All these things are possible on human networking.. I personally feel this will be the trend of 2009.. This is what i have understood:-).

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