Friday, January 9, 2009

Weaving the world's Photos

The world is beeing digitized through photography at an enormous rate. Aerial imagery,once the domain of GIS is now viewed everyday by people on the web. Photo sharing sites like flickr contain billions of photographs and the process is accelerating as cell phones and cameras merge.

So how best can we make use of these available photos..What special we can bring about them???
The technology of photosynth is to geo locate the photographs and to arrange them as if they were taken in 3D.. For example you have visited the taj mahal and you have lot of pictures associated with Taj Mahal then u can create a synth out of it.It merges common pictures magnifies the detail of the picture... The synth gives u a 3D view of the place..u can navigate through..It gives the feeling of u being in that place... This is what i have understood:-) It is one piece of sweet technology.